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  • A nice nature; pleasing & open…

    Just arrived here after having discovered this site;
    a good start. Seems to have become increasingly difficult to find any kind of social platform
    of a “personal nature” like this one
    anywhere in cyberspace anymore.
    Which is troubling I suppose…
    I can’t understand why groups like this seem to have
    become so rare.

    So anyway, I will try to get started here.
I was brought up in a liberal and open household where nudity was regarded as a natural and healthy thing ~ Not automatically to be associated with sex, and Shame was not part of my mindset. Sex too was considered natural and healthy, and this without doubt is accurate ~ although there seem to be ALOT of cultural/social stigmas, taboos, and stereotypical filters programmed into too many peoples’ minds.
It is not ideal
that in registering ones' body 
for a group such as this
to be given options only of 
"man, woman, trans, couple"...

I don’t fully identify with any of these choices…

A nice nature, pleasing, open…


Looking to hookup
with like minded/open-minded spirits of any sexual persuasion.

~~~>A “likeable” nature is essential.

Nature is everything.

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the person that think they have some sort of dominion over nature is on a delusional egotrip, and is a fool. We have no choice or control over nature, including our own. The best we can can do is strive for peace and harmony with(in) our own nature, and the greater Nature which enfolds the universe. What we do have some control over is our environment. I perceive my environment as an extension of myself. I think, and you should too that as a humanbeing I am more than a physical body. I think of my physical body as the microcosm of Being, and my environment as its macrocosm. I also treat my environment as a direct link to nature. This is how I live.