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A nice nature; pleasing & open…

Filed under: Thoughts — nylson at 7:53 am on Friday, October 16, 2020

Just arrived here after having discovered this site; <br>a good start. Seems to have become increasingly difficult to find any kind of social platform <br>of a “personal nature” like this one <br>anywhere in cyberspace anymore. <br>Which is troubling I suppose… <br>I can’t understand why groups like this seem to have <br>become so rare.

So anyway, I will try to get started here.

My First Blog Post

Filed under: Thoughts — nylson at 10:11 am on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to Adults Only Space. Have fun! Invite some adult friends!

Some people use the blog posts section here to share pictures, sexual stories, and more. When you create a post it takes over the stop space of your blog, and you older posts move down below the newer ones. This is similar to how a public wall displays and updates on facebook, and other popular social networks. If you are familiar with tumbler, this is very similar, albeit a bit more flexible and powerful.

If this is your blog, and you are logged in, you can click to edit this post, or move it to the trash and create a new one.

Most things in the blog section of adults only space are customizable. You can add your own image to the “header image”; the top pic that shows in each page of your blog. You can make all kinds of modifications to your blog site here. Adding pictures and text is just the beginning. Look for new tutorials coming soon to show everyone how to make their own blog space even more personal with other modifications as well.